IDC5 is the brain in AXONE NEMO 2. A multi-environment application that is outstanding for its great speed when accessing communication with the electronic control units in the vehicles and carrying out all its functions thanks to a very intuitive graphics processing.
TEXA’s software offers a series of functions and technical documentation that exceed the traditional concept of diagnosis. We intend, for example, the Global Scan of the TGS3s control units, the Technical Sheets, the Mechanical Data, the Dynamic DASHBOARDS, the PASS-THRU, the Interactive Wiring Diagrams to mention only a few. These additional contents extend the potentialities of AXONE NEMO 2, making it a genuine Premium tool, a work companion that is always reliable, capable of solving many problems for the complete satisfaction of repair professionals.
FCA authenticated diagnosis
Among the many functions available, it is important to highlight the possibility to perform the FCA authenticated diagnosis. In fact, subscribing to the new TEXA Security Access service, with AXONE NEMO 2 you can carry out unlimited operations, safe and official even on all the recent vehicles by the FCA Group equipped with the SGW (Secure GateWay), a protection module that intercepts any attempt to access communication with the control units installed in the vehicle. Thanks to AXONE NEMO 2, which automatically manages the entire authentication process in the FCA Group servers, mechanics can safely unlock the dedicated control unit. The phases of the diagnosis are simple and linear as for any other make, no longer having to access, each time, the official Technical Information portal to purchase the credits needed for each single operation.

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