Ravaglioli and TEXA sign an alliance to face automotive workshop new challenges

Ravaglioli S.p.A., member of Vehicle Service Group (VSG), and TEXA S.p.A., two of the main players in automotive workshop equipment sector, have signed a technical agreement with the purpose to integrate their respective skills in new product development with combined technologies.

The two companies, which have already been working together in the field of radar and cameras calibration, have agreed on the benefits of a more structured agreement, to respond to the challenges that the technological changes, introduced by the new generations of vehicles, will require to the automotive workshops.

The strong collaboration between the R&D teams from the very first phase of specific projects, mainly focused on alignment and ADAS technologies, is expected to further strengthen the excellent leadership of both companies in innovation and research applied to the automotive workshop equipment sector.

Bruno Vianello, TEXA President: “TEXA and Ravaglioli have built their success focusing on a specific and complementary know-how. The integration of our electronics competences with the Ravaglioli mechanical and alignment ones will provide to the automotive workshops the best equipment to face the future of vehicle service and repair.”

Simone Ferrari, Ravaglioli President and General Manager VSG EMEA: “The significant technological changes taking place in the automotive field and the consequent challenges we are facing, require an innovative approach to offer our customers integrated solutions. The strategic alliance with TEXA, extended to all VSG EMEA companies, will allow us to face these challenges together with the best partner we could find.”

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