RCCS 2 is a complete, professional solution for all kinds of radar and camera calibration. The system comprises a robust main support with electrically powered height adjustment and a practical knob at the rear for the manual adjustment of perpendicularity with respect to the vehicle. The adjustment bar is equipped with two distance meters and a sliding reflector plate with a central laser for front radar pointing. An additional laser level at the top of the structure locates the centre of the vehicle simply by pointing at its front badge.

This advanced technology allows the system to be aligned easily, accurately and safely with respect to the vehicle and the floor. The RCCS 2 system is mounted on castoring wheels for easy movement around the workshop. RCCS 2 allows you to work independently in all phases of repair and even check ride height on cars and light commercials to offer your customers a simple, safe and highly professional service.

RCCS 2 comes in three versions: with wheel clamps; with tire clamps; with ride height control kit, CCD sensors and wheel clamps.

RCCS 2’s high-performance optical alignment lets you perform all kinds of calibration work on radar and camera systems quickly and accurately. The vehicle is aligned by the lasers of two distance meters mounted on the structure’s cross-beam aimed at two practical pointing bands. It is important to remember that correct vehicle alignment must be checked before all calibration work to avoid the risk of inaccurate settings, reduced safety and customer dissatisfaction. Many garages are currently obliged to call in a professional with the specialist equipment needed to check vehicle alignment, with an obvious impact on the organisation and profitability of their work. To solve this problem for garages committed to offering customers a complete and highly professional service, the RCCS 2 system with wheel clamps can be expanded and electronic CCD detectors added to check ride height and digital alignment.

By choosing an RCCS 2 with ride height control kit, you can offer customers rapid and professional service. This solution simplifies the work of aligning the vehicle with the multifunctional structure and also permits accurate checks to be made on its status.
The kit features four electronic CCD detectors with infrared sensors for installation on the RCCS 2 structure and on the wheels, using four-point wheel clamps. Thanks to the light weight of the detectors and the absence of connecting cables between the front and rear, the system is extremely practical and ensures absolute precision in measuring the positions of the vehicle’s corners. Excellent accuracy is also guaranteed by ALIGNMENT CHECK, a software application that lets you perform two types of check in a few simple steps: a quick check on the alignment of the RCCS 2 system with respect to the vehicle’s thrust angle and the garage floor, and a check on wheel alignment. These checks must be completed in preparation for the next phase of radar and/or camera calibration.

These TEXA solutions help you restore ADAS functions with maximum precision according to the vehicle manufacturer’s own standards, perform static and dynamic calibration, and enjoy at least 30% better CAR and TRUCK coverage than other market solutions.

The IDC5 software guides the technician step by step throughout the procedures, thanks to the dedicated help data sheets specifically developed for each vehicle. Additionally, to help understand the ADAS technology, TEXAEDU has developed D9C and D9T, two dedicated specialised training courses. If you have any doubts or questions regarding a calibration procedure, you can call TEXA’s dedicated ADAS Call Centre to get a quick, competent and accurate answer that responds exactly to your needs.

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