AIR2 SAN is 99.99% virucidal against SARS-CoV-2
To cope with the pandemic, TEXA has created in its AIR2 SAN plants, a state-of-the-century ozone sanitization plant completely Made in Italy. In Italy ozone has been recognized as a „natural safeguard for the sterilization of environments contaminated with bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. “ by the Ministry of Health with prot. No 24482 of 31 July 1996 and „disinfectant and disinfectant agent in air and water treatment“ with CNSA of 27 October 2010. Although its disinfectant capacity towards other coronaviruses is also known, such as that attributable to SARS, there were doubts about the effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that triggers the respiratory disease Covid-19.
Before advertising this, TEXA subjected AIR2 SAN to a series of tests at the Level 3 Biosecurity Laboratory of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Padua, accredited by the Ministry of Health. The evidence has shown that, using the specific „Covid-19“ program on the AIR2 SAN app, the TEXA tool is 99.99% virucidal against SARS-Cov-2. This is extremely important news, not because ozone is a natural gas, with far fewer contraindications than aggressive chemical agents and less harmful to surfaces and tissues.
With its AIR2 SAN tool, designed using the most modern technologies, TEXA has therefore been able to make the most of the characteristics of ozone to eradicate Covid-19. Its features allows you to achieve the ideal saturation of the environment (vehicle cockpits, hotel rooms, waiting rooms, professional studies), through sensors able to stop and resume gas production with real accuracy and not based on hypotheses, an element that has been indispensable for overcoming the strict tests to which it has been subjected by the University of Padua. Another element of this product is the conversion of ozone into oxygen at the end of the procedure, ensuring the ease of immediately and safely using an environment or a vehicle, without the need for ventilation. AIR2 SAN is also characterized by a fully automated sanitization process, manageable and programmable via a dedicated app or remote control.
Here a video explaining how it works. AIR2 SAN is on sale at official TEXA

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