The illustration created by the Veronese Maestro is dedicated to a very special birthday: in 2022, in fact, TEXA will celebrate its first thirty years of business in the automotive industry.

2022 will be a special and onetime year for TEXA as it will celebrate 30 years of business. This is a very important goal for a company that is still young but strengthened by the professionalism and experience of many people: those who contributed to its foundation in the early Nineties and are still fully operational and the most recent figures who were able to further enrich its know-how. A unique and exclusive know-how that allowed TEXA make a name for itself and become a real point of reference in the automotive industry.

Many the events that marked its unstoppable development, many the challenges won and many the difficulties faced and overcome. The illustration of the Maestro Milo Manara plays exactly on the representation of this great adventure: over these thirty years TEXA was able to write a captivating novel, rich in emotions, stories and characters, like the girl who is reading, and that will surely be enhanced by other chapters.

Starting from January 2022, the new calendar will be delivered by the distributors to the customers who have subscribed to the „TEXPACK“ update service.

In addition, after filling out a form with the requested data, anyone can download an electronic copy at the following link

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