The evolution of the famous tablet, already a TEXA bestseller, guarantees greater performances and confirms itself as the real top of the range in its category. Among its distinctive features: calculation power, communication speed and multi-environment software.
AXONE NEMO 2 has just arrived but already has everyone talking about it. The very new version of TEXA’s famous diagnostic display is ready to impose itself once again on the market, with strong exclusive technical peculiarities. Ever more quick and powerful, AXONE NEMO 2 guarantees complete and precise operations on vehicles. Available for the CAR, TRUCK, OFF-HIGHWAY, BIKE and MARINE environments, it is ready to confirm itself as an authentic point of reference in the world of diagnostics.
AXONE NEMO 2 has a 12″ capacitive screen, with a 2160×1440 resolution, protected by Gorilla Glass perfectly visible even in the brightest sunlight. Inside, the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system is powered by an Intel® Pentium Quad Core N5000 processor with 8 GB LPDDR4 RAM and 250 GB PCie SSD storage.
Connectivity is guaranteed by an advanced dual channel Wi-Fi system and a Bluetooth® 4.2 module. Another distinctive feature is the presence of two cameras, useful to create detailed customer reports or send technical photos to the assistance centre.
Thanks to its powerful hardware and dedicated IDC5 software, AXONE NEMO 2 is amazingly fast, capable of further strengthening its already excellent performances, which featured the previous generation of TEXA tools. Given the increasing presence of electronics in vehicles, its great calculation speed represents an even more important aid for technicians.
In addition to the above-mentioned qualities, TEXA combined the style, aesthetic design and the attention in the use of the materials that helped making it famous in the automotive aftermarket. For this reason, the outer casing on AXONE NEMO 2 was built in magnesium, a noble material that confers it greater robustness and lightness, also guaranteeing an optimal level of thermal dissipation. Another distinctive element is the military standard MIL-STD 810 (transit drop test), which makes the tool resistant to impacts and falls.
AXONE NEMO 2 and IDC5 software: more than diagnosis
IDC5 is the brain in AXONE NEMO 2. A multi-environment application that is outstanding for its great speed when accessing communication with the electronic control units in the vehicles and carrying out all its functions thanks to a very intuitive graphics processing.
TEXA’s software offers a series of functions and technical documentation that exceed the traditional concept of diagnosis. We intend, for example, the Global Scan of the TGS3s control units, the Technical Sheets, the Mechanical Data, the Dynamic DASHBOARDS, the PASS-THRU, the Interactive Wiring Diagrams to mention only a few. These additional contents extend the potentialities of AXONE NEMO 2, making it a genuine Premium tool, a work companion that is always reliable, capable of solving many problems for the complete satisfaction of repair professionals.
FCA authenticated diagnosis
Among the many functions available, it is important to highlight the possibility to perform the FCA authenticated diagnosis. In fact, subscribing to the new TEXA Security Access service, with AXONE NEMO 2 you can carry out unlimited operations, safe and official even on all the recent vehicles by the FCA Group equipped with the SGW (Secure GateWay), a protection module that intercepts any attempt to access communication with the control units installed in the vehicle. Thanks to AXONE NEMO 2, which automatically manages the entire authentication process in the FCA Group servers, mechanics can safely unlock the dedicated control unit. The phases of the diagnosis are simple and linear as for any other make, no longer having to access, each time, the official Technical Information portal to purchase the credits needed for each single operation.
„All in one“ tool, fully compatible
AXONE NEMO 2 can be used paired with Navigator NANO S, Navigator TXTs and Navigator TXB Evolution, covering, based on the actual operating needs, the 5 environments: CAR, TRUCK, OFF-HIGHWAY, BIKE and MARINE.
AXONE NEMO 2 can be enhanced further, thanks to a large range of dedicated services, such as TEXPACK, TEX@INFO, TEXA SECURITY ACCESS, TEXA APP. This way workshop technicians will always have a genuine “all in one” tool available that will never stop surprising them.
Furthermore, AXONE NEMO 2 is a single display unit for all of TEXA’s latest generation equipment: RCCS 2 (ADAS calibration), AIR2 SAN (vehicle and workplace sanitation), TwinProbe UNIProbe (electrical measurements), TPS KEY (TPMS), LASER EXAMINER (brake disc wear and tyre tread depth), GASBOX and OPABOX (emission analysis), eLight (headlight centring).

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